Edding 4095 chalk marker

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Edding 4095

Chalk marker/Window marker


writing width

2-3mm - Round tip

Selectable colors

001 - black
002 - red
003 - blue
004 - green
 011 - light green
049 - white
065 - neon yellow
066 - neon orange

069 - neon pink



The chalk marker Edding 4095 with round tip for non-permanent labelling, design and decoration of windows, dark panels, glass, mirrors, etc.  

The colours of the odourless water-based liquid chalk can be easily removed from almost all closed materials with a damp cloth.

Unlike handling normal chalk on a blackboard, the hands stay clean and the practical marker format also provides more elegant writing images or drawing results.

The cap can be attached to the end of the shaft during use.

Smellless! - Shake with pump system before use!

Some colours fluoresce under UV light!
Brand product "Made in Germany"

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