Edding spare nibs

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New nibs for your marker

original writing tips from edding

By renewing the tip of your marker you not only protect the environment - you can also save money.
Here are some selected top models...



for marker


line width


250N edding 250 whiteboard marker 1,5-3 mm round nib
28/360N edding 28 / edding 360 whiteboard marker 1,5-3 mm round nib
29/363N edding 29 / edding 363 whiteboard marker 1-5 mm chisel nib
3000N edding 3000 permanent marker 1,5-3 mm round nib
365N edding 365 whiteboard marker 2-7 mm chisel nib
400N edding 400 permanent marker 1 mm round nib
404N edding 404 permanent marker 0,75 mm round nib
750N edding 750 paint marker 2-4 mm round nib
751N edding 751 paint marker 1-2 mm round nib
780N edding 780 paint marker 0,8 mm round nib
No.1/3300N  edding No.1 / edding 3300 permanent marker 1-5 mm chisel nib
800N edding 800 permanent marker 4-12 mm chisel nib
850N edding 850 permanent marker 5-15 mm chisel nib
550N edding 550 permanent marker 3-4 mm round nib

All spare nibs are edding original products!

If the product is not listed for your model, please
contact us - we'll take care of!


Product Note Status Price
Edding T25 refill ink Edding T25 refill ink
Refilling is also possible from 4.60 € *
1 ml = 0.15 €
Edding BTK25 refill ink Edding BTK25 refill ink
The filling can also be renewed from 5.30 € *
1 ml = 0.21 €
Edding T1000 refill ink Edding T1000 refill ink
from 69.90 € *
100 ml = 6.99 €

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