special marker

Whether for marking of rusty metal, glass, your laundry or handling your tile grouting ... Here you can find the right marker for each application.

special marker

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Product no.: 1801004

The drill hole marker with an extra long, fine tip helps you to mark hard-to-reach places.
Writing width: 0,7-1mm

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Product no.: 1902022

Chalk marker/Window marker with water-based liquid chalk. Non-permanent, therefore easy to remove with a wet tissue.
Line width: 2-3mm

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Product no.: 1410001

edding 8200 grout marker for uncomplicated, time-saving, color repair of sanitary, kitchen and other tile joints in the house.

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Product no.: 1509005
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Product no.: 1509001

Edding 950 for permanent, water-resistant writing even on rough, dirty or rusty surfaces.

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Product no.: 2003018

Permanent marker with bullet tip for industrial use - even on oily and dusty surfaces.

line width: 1,5 - 3mm

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Product no.: 1509004

For permanent marking and writing on tyres and rubber surfaces.

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Product no.: 1610003

For hidden labeling and marking. Only under UV light does the ink become clearly visible and reveal its secret.

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