Permanent marker

For writing, professional marking, correcting, labelling - these permanent markers have been setting standards for decades!

Permanent marker

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Product no.: 1909032

Permanent marker with chisel nip for almost all materials.
Fast drying!

Line width: 1-5 mm

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Product no.: 1411001

Classic permanent marker with round tip for almost all materials.
Fast drying!

Stroke width: 1.5 - 3mm

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Product no.: 2003018

Permanent marker with bullet tip for industrial use - even on oily and dusty surfaces.

line width: 1,5 - 3mm

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Product no.: 1603003

To the point: Permanent marker with bullet tip in 10 different colors! Fast drying!

Writing width: approx. 1 mm

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Product no.: 1604006

The particularly thin permanent marker with round tip. Waterproof, low odor and quick drying! Extra fine!

Writing width: 0.75mm

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Product no.: 1808001

Der klassische Permanentmarker mit Keilspitze für fast alle Materialien.

Strichbreite: 1-5 mm

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Product no.: 1605008
The edding display provides a perfect overview of your markers. The holder provides 10 pins secure grip. Two displays can be plugged together!

Suitable for edding markers 400, 3000 and 3300
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