Permanent marker

Permanent marker

Find the edding classics for writing, professional marking, correcting, labelling and more!

Paint marker

Paint marker


With this you can label pretty much anything: These paint markers with pumping system are also heat resistant. Attention! Shining effects!

special marker

special marker

Whether for marking of rusty metal, glass, your laundry or handling your tile grouting ... Here you can find the right marker for each application.

Edding refill ink

Edding refill ink


By refilling a marker you not only protect the environment - You can also save money!

Spare nibs

Spare nibs

If your writing instrument has already been used, you will find fresh original fibres here




Remove Edding again? A new nib for your marker? Here you'll find that and other accessories!





"Edding" is a German company manufacturing writing and marking tools such as felt-tip pens and permanent markers.

The company's products are immensely popular in Germany, leading to the brand name "Edding" being widely used as a generic name for permanent markers, quite similar to Sharpie in the United States.

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Edding V100 thinner

Product no.: 1411006

Edding V100. Brighten up, thin down and removing edding colors.

Contents: 100 ml

9.00 *
1 ml = 0.09 €
Not in stock

Edding 8040 laundry marker

Product no.: 1509005
from 2.80 *
Old price 2.99 €
You save 6 %

Edding 950 industry painter

Product no.: 1509001

Edding 950 for permanent, water-resistant writing even on rough, dirty or rusty surfaces.

from 4.40 *

Edding 360 Whiteboardmarker

Product no.: 1909011

Edding 360 board marker with bullet tip. Quick-drying and wipeable!
Writing width: 1,5 - 3mm

from 1.40 *

Edding 3000 permanent marker

Product no.: 1411001

Classic permanent marker with round tip for almost all materials.
Fast drying!

Stroke width: 1.5 - 3mm

from 2.00 *

Edding 3300 permanent marker

Product no.: 1909032

Permanent marker with chisel nip for almost all materials.
Fast drying!

Line width: 1-5 mm

from 2.15 *

New Edding 4095 chalk marker

Product no.: 1902022

Chalk marker/Window marker with water-based liquid chalk. Non-permanent, therefore easy to remove with a wet tissue.
Line width: 2-3mm

3.29 *

New Edding 8850 carpenter pen

Product no.: 1801004

The drill hole marker with an extra long, fine tip helps you to mark hard-to-reach places.
Writing width: 0,7-1mm

4.40 *
Old price 4.69 €
You save 6 %
In stock

Edding 8300 industry permanent marker

Product no.: 2003018

Permanent marker with bullet tip for industrial use - even on oily and dusty surfaces.

line width: 1,5 - 3mm

from 3.40 *

Edding 8200 grout marker

Product no.: 1410001

edding 8200 grout marker for uncomplicated, time-saving, color repair of sanitary, kitchen and other tile joints in the house.

from 6.20 *

Edding BTK25 refill ink

Product no.: 1408007

Refill ink edding BTK 25 refill service.
For refilling the permanent markers edding comfort 2, 250, 360, 361, 363, 365.

Content: 25 ml

from 5.30 *
1 ml = 0.21 €

Edding PTK25 pigment ink

Product no.: 1408012

Refill ink edding PTK 25 refill service.
Refill the brilliant paper markers edding 30 and 33.

Content 25 ml

from 5.00 *
Old price 4.65 €
1 ml = 0.20 €

Edding MTK25 refill ink

Product no.: 1408002

Refill ink edding MTK 25 refill service.
For refilling the edding 3000, 3300, No. 1, 400, 21 and 22 permanent markers.

Contents 25 ml

from 4.90 *
1 ml = 0.20 €

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